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Combining mental health treatment and physical activity to heal - Let's take your workout to the next level. 

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Are you ready to make changes in your life? I currently see clients interested in using physical movement to create a healthy lifestyle. I have spent over 20 years teaching group exercise, 20 years personal training, and almost a decade in clinical psychotherapy practice (PhD in clincal and somatic psychology).


Build Your Superior Self

Each of us has a unique blueprint we operate from, often unconsciously. As a team we explore those core beliefs for long term healing and deeper self awareness.   This leads to finding the "Wild Wisdom Within". That innate ability to heal from our pasts, move in the direction of health, and become our "Superior Selves".  We can't create our best ever self if we haven't done the things that bring us joy, help us rejuvenate, allow us to feel supported & safe. 

Find Your Strength

Much of my daily inspiration comes from people I work with everyday. People can do amazing things. Especially when they feel good about themselves and they feel strong.

​I often see people who are selling themselves short with a list of excuses - "I don't have time, I have children, I've always been overweight, I can't do this, I don't deserve" - the list goes on. 

I believe that list can change and excuses can become challenges and challenges can be won. I love seeing people accomplish their goals. 

It has been my experience that the client knows what they need to do. They have their answers, even if they don't know it yet, but sometimes they need help getting where they want to go.

Passion and Vision

My passion is helping you achieve your desired life, on your terms. I am inspired by the people I meet everyday.

I am inspired by people who take action to create the life they want to live. I believe people have the power to accomplish their dreams. People who are overcoming odds, fears, and making positive changes in their lives. People who are creating their dreams. 

Life gets in the way, other people's voices (doctors, parents, siblings, friends, significants) all have opinions and sometimes those opinions don't meld with us, and sometimes we just can't get where we want to go alone. 

And that is why I am here. I am here to support my clients as they create amazing lives for themselves. 

Isn't that what life is all about?

About Us

Workout Smarter

Lots of us workout, but let's face it sticking to our goals is hard. Many of us start only to find ourselves falling off the wagon over and over again. At SuperiorWorkout we are building a system of engagement that keeps you focused on your individual goals. Using a blend of psychology and exercise science we make reaching your health goals more rewarding. We help you change your life to become your goal. Want to be a fit person? Want to be a runner? Someone who competes? A person who can play with your grandkids? Someone who balances your work and play? Takes care of your family with energy to spare? At SuperiorWorkout we blend the disciplines of the mind and body tailoring techniques and programs to your individual needs. 

Who Do You Want To Become?

Be Greater Today. Choose to take your life to the next level. We take the job of creating the life you want seriously. Working out isn't just about improving physical skills - we are also developing mental skill to help you create the life you want, face the challenges presented to you, and surpass your wildest dreams when it comes to your health. Exceed your goals by working with us using a variety of fitness program possibilities and creating a personalized mental map to reach your goals. Dive into challenges you've faced in the past to move beyond them in the future. Decide to determine your life by developing choices that excel you into the life you want to lead. 

Interested in Creating an Exceptional Life?

Sign up for our email list, check out my blog, connect on social media, or book a personal training appointment. Together we'll create the plan that will help you get the life you want to lead. We'll take it beyond personal training by looking at what's worked, hasn't worked, your level of motivation, current daily practices that move your life. Then we'll get intentional and create practices that build an exceptional life and move you in the direction you want to go one workout at a time. 

Inspiration and Motivation

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A mother of 3, wife, owner of 2 dogs - I love living a full embodied life. What's that mean you say? It means living with vibrancy, authenticity, and balance in each day, everyday. It means practicing the art of balance by taking care of each area listed below. It means practicing gratitude and grace in moments when I feel Ike I'm going to lose it. It means deeply and fully, using vulnerability to create connections that matter.

Welcome To SuperiorWorkout

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The Pillars of Superior

Small Steps

  • Let Go of Who You Think You Should Be ...

In each of these areas it is important to make sure to fill your space, time, and attention with things that bring you joy, fill you up, and offer opportunities for grace. 

I see so many people who want more out of life. Instead of living a full life now, they continually focus on what they don't have - this will only lead you to focus on the "don't" - that thing you don't want or something of lack. The mind can only focus on one thing at a time. 

If you want to bring something into your life - focus on having it now, today, with gratitude. 

Take care to monitor your thoughts - these become your actions. When you continue to act in the direction of your desire. Your desire moves closer to you. 

Life changes not in big sweeps. It changes in small steps taken everyday. 

Body, Heart, Soul, & Mind






To create a SuperiorWorkout we look beyond physical health and into patterns that continue to play out in your life. Then we determine goals to bring your the health and wellness you want and need.

I help people know deep down ... in the pit of their soul deep down ... that they are ok. When we know we are ok ... all that anxiety about being who we are goes away. We can then begin the process of healing all the fallout that happened when we were disconnected from our soul. After that ... we Thrive and Shine! 

To get there we need BALANCE. Finding balance in our goals and actions helps us feel our own mastery. 

Then we can let go of anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and defensive disconnection to authentically show up - in life & in relationship with Grace, Love, and Acceptance.

And move toward the person we want to be - we become our "Superior Selves". 


About Stacy

You can find the long versions at Stacyrd.com or StacyReuille.com. The short version is I have over 20 years in the fitness industry working all sorts of jobs from front desk to group exercise instructor to personal trainer to fitness director to club owner. After a number of years on the fitness center floor, I knew there is no physical health without mental health and went back to school. Now I hold a PhD in clinical psychology and somatic psychology.


I offer personal training at a variety of locations in Durango, Colorado, including a private gym in my home. I also work with clients from all over the globe through online options. Drop us a line below for more information.

(970) 749-8227


Prices depend on location of training, type of package, and appointment. I have individual and group training options depending on location.